About FMJ Shooting

In may we opened the best shooting range in Sweden! Everyone can try shooting at FMJ Shooting Range.

Whether you are an experienced shooter, Hunter or brand new to the shooting sports, we offer a complete and environmentally friendly shooting facility that is also handicapped adapted.

The FMJ - Shooting range is owned by professional sportshooters who wants to increase the opportunities for more people to get acquainted with the shooting sports and our goal is to recruit new shooters and to pursue successful youth activities.

The shooting range consists of separate shooting ranges and is approved for all type of shooting and weapon systems from caliber .22 to caliber .50, black powder, Shotgun US1-9 slug and Buckshoot, Cross bow and Bow.

Firearms of Police force, Armed Forces, Coast Guard and Customs.

You can shoot distances from 2m up to 80 m and all shooting ranges can be used independently.

The shooting trap is environmentally friendly and has a bulkhead that covers the entire suspension to prevent lead dust comming out in the air. The ventilation is completely adapted for a shooting range indoors.


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